Metric Flange Conversion

Main Manufacturing Products, Inc manufactures and stocks many metric flanges, flange adapters, and couplings. These include ISO, DIN, and JIS series to BSPP, BSPT, ISO 6149, and metric weldments.

Main Manufacturing has a special On-Line catalog that contains catalog sheets for three popular types of metric flanges. These are SAE J518 Metric Series, also called ISO 6162, JIS B2291 210K, and ISO 6164. This catalog can be found here. Individual pages both in carbon and stainless steel can also be found in the "Part Number Index".

The SAE J518 Metric Series, is the most requested.

Any SAE flange in our standard catalog can be converted to the "Metric Series" by adding an "M" and the bolt size at the end of the part number. Part number 1102-20-20 tapped for M10 bolts is 1102-20-20M10. The table below shows the ISO preferred size but some pumps and valves use the secondary size (shown with an asterisk '*').

Sae Pattern Metric Screw Sizes

Code 61 Code 62
1/2 M8 2 1/2 M12, M14* 1/2 M8
3/4 M10 3 M16 3/4 M10
1 M10 3 1/2 M16 1 M12
1 1/4 M10, M12* 4 M16 1 1/4 M12, M14*
1 1/2 M12, M14* 5 M16 1 1/2 M16
2 M12, M14* *Secondary Size 2 M20